DEFCON x Vans 2018 Joint Series

No matter how the trend is changing, the military wind always occupies a place in it, with the military wind as the brand is not a few, but can be as professional as the DEFCON of the quasi-militarized organization is absolutely few.

When the Vans Syndicate Syndicate Spur Line was born in 2005, another organization, DEFCON, was also secretly established as a highly classified military institution: With no definite name, no fixed office space, and no regular meeting of members, but they all run the affairs of the Organization. In the end, the hard-working paramilitary group, DEFCON, has been known for repeatedly launching a acclaimed military-style joint with Vans Syndicate.

In the past, DEFCON with the help of the platform of Vans Syndicate Syndicate Spur Line, will be a number of military use only, never open civilian civil materials, camouflage patterns, military science and technology are all used to Vans joint footwear production, thus capturing a lot of professional military fans heart.

Then, with the retreat of the Vans Syndicate Syndicate Spur line, DEFCON also fell silent for a long time. Until last year DEFCON and Vans Pro Skate joint return to People’s vision. This year, DEFCON will adjust on the basis of last year’s joint footwear, and introduce a limited amount of shoes and clothing.

In yesterday’s espionage photos we have learned that this DEFCON will bring is still a pair of Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro high-help shoes. Unlike the previous series of footwear releases, the DEFCON only introduced a pair of footwear, but there will be more rich clothing accessories to join.

This pair of Vans Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro continues many of last year’s joint design, the whole body with easy to hide low-key black cover, shoe type compared to the ordinary Sk8-Hi heel upper was cut off part, in order to improve ankle flexibility.

Side stripe Sidestripe was reinforced in segments, the inside of the shoe collar sewn into the military style of the label, after keeping up with the hard “Hesh Goat” goat imprint pattern clearly visible, DEFCON representative Lightning signs also appear in Sk8-Hi shoe tongue, large bottom wrapping, insoles everywhere.

On the material, DEFCON is built with multicam special fabrics developed by Crye Precision in the United States, as well as wolverine flame-retardant pigskin suede material, while also equipped with extra round shoelaces for shoes.

Multicam Camouflage as the world has been the public camouflage pattern of the most powerful combination of camouflage is widely used in the military, this nylon textile fabric of the multicam camouflage is filled on both sides of the Sk8-Hi.

In addition, the shoe body has also been a good waterproof treatment, dri-lex technology production of the inside rigorous moisture management, always maintain the best comfort of the shoe wear. Pro Skate Professional Skateboard feeder at the same time for the shoe to provide Ultracush HD professional cushioning insoles, soles are also used to reverse the external convex of the waffle large-bottom design.

DEFCON x Vans sk8-hi Notchback Pro 2018 Joint series will be released on November 10 6 o’clock on the DEFCON official website Limited release, the current sale price is not known, we will continue to maintain attention.