DEFCON x Vans sk8-hi Notchback Pro Joint Footwear

When the Vans Syndicate Syndicate Spur Line was born in 2005, another organization, DEFCON, was also secretly established as a highly classified military institution: With no definite name, no fixed office space, and no regular meeting of members, but they all run the affairs of the Organization. In the end, the hard-DEFCON paramilitary group was known for its repeated launch of the acclaimed military wind with Vans Syndicate.

In the 2013, the “Digital Camo” joint series launched by the DEFCON and Vans Syndicate Syndicate Spur line was the pinnacle of both sides, with strong DEFCON military features, a wide range of military materials, and full of sincerity in detail, so it was also affectionately referred to by enthusiasts as “Nuclear war crisis.” Recently, DEFCON on social media released a group of new images with Vans, with text only on the date of sale, did not add any description.

The entire set of photos was accompanied by a red filter to hide most of the details of the shoe before it went on sale. However, a lot of information can still be obtained: This DEFCON will continue to follow the Vans Sk8-hi Notchback Pro shoes, this shoe in Vans Sk8-Hi Classic high-help contour, cut off part of the heel upper, so that the ankle can be more flexible.

Shoe body side is still covered with DEFCON commonly used camouflage patterns, the representative lightning pattern as always appears in the magic sticker tongue and the outside of the big Bottom, last year appeared in the shoe heel of the “Hesh Goat” goat pattern is still retained this year, the inside of the upper is also sewn on the military style label.

Since the completion of the Vans Syndicate Syndicate branch line, DEFCON has changed its joint name with Pro Skate professional Skate branch line. The standard extension of Duracap wear-resistant rubber reinforcement and UltraCush HD professional cushioning insole should be no less. However, in the past, DEFCON has been able to use some military patent materials and technologies that are only used by the military and never made public for civilian use. What surprises military fans will find in DEFCON this year? Let’s wait and see.

DEFCON x Vans sk8-hi Notchback Pro Joint footwear will go on sale on November 10 at a price unknown.