Independent x Vans Pro Skate 2018 Winter Joint series

In this winter series, Independent has launched three pairs of shoes: A pair of classic Half Cab Pro, a pair of Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 signature shoes, and a pair of AV Classic Pro. All three pairs of shoes use dark blue as the main color matching of shoes, and equipped with Pro Skate Professional skateboard Feeder provided by the Ultracush HD professional cushioning insoles.

AV Classic Pro is Vans for the well-known slippery hand Anthony Van Engelen to create a signature shoe, in fact, in 2014, independent with this shoe and Vans launched a joint cooperation. The AV Classic Pro is paired with a white large bottom wrap with a dark blue canvas cloth, and the shoelace hole is presented in bronze, echoing other details. The Ollie area is equipped with additional white rubber blocks for reinforcement, and the cross pattern, which symbolizes independent at the end of the waterline and the heel of the large bottom, is presented in silver-the color of the most classic Independent skateboard bridge.

Half Cab Pro is a pair of classic skateboarding shoes, the original Vans for professional slipper Steve Caballero launched the signature shoe, but the slider because the upper too high hindered the flexible glide will cut the upper, and finally Vans also simply shorten it and launched the half Cab. The independent will be dark blue and brown paired with a shoe body, and on the edge of the white large package embellished with independent sold bracket in line with the silver waterline and cross Logo.

The last pair of Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 was last year Vans for the flag to slide hand Gilbert Crockett to build the second pair of signature shoes. It is the most brilliant is the very innovative Wafflecup soles, not only provide the original strong wear resistance and grip of waffle, but also enhance the overall foot sense of the shoe. Shoe shoe body uses the same color matching as half Cab Pro, Sidestripe is highlighted in yellow. The insoles are designed with a yellow and blue chessboard lattice, and a cross Logo with a white embossing on the edge of the large bottom bag.

In addition, the inside of Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 is equipped with two breathable holes, followed by a circle of brown leather to increase the wear resistance of the shoe. After keeping up with the Brown Independent Logo is very conspicuous.

In addition to three pairs of professional skateboarding shoes, The independent will also bring clothing and accessories such as hooded clothes, long sleeves and short-sleeved T-shirts, hats and socks. Clothing mainly brown, dark blue and white color matching, chessboard lattice, Independent and Vans logo and other iconic patterns embellished among them.

Independent x Vans Pro Skate 2018 Winter Joint series will be in the recent arrival of various stores, half Cab pro price of Usd,gilbert Crockett Pro 2 price, Usd,av Classic Pr O Selling price 11880 JPY, hooded clothing selling 90 USD, Hooded windproof clothing price 60 USD, white long-sleeved T-shirt selling 30 USD, blue long-sleeved T-shirt selling 26 USD, Blue T-shirt price 24 USD, hat price 35 USD, socks sold for 15 USD.