Wrangler x Vans 2018 Joint Series

1904 Charlie Hudson in the United States North Carolina State founded Hudson Overall Company, 1947, the company for its jeans to create a brand new, and the Wrangler (Chinese name: gwage) Wrangler named, The brand is one of the three most popular cowboy brands in the World in the future.

Now Wrangler and Vans, are already the world’s largest apparel company VF Corporation (Wave), a member of the company’s brand. After a successful collaboration between The North Face and Vans’s two VF brands, Wrangler also first tried to combine the iconic elements of both sides with the Vans to launch a joint series.

The Wrangle x Vans will be Wrangler the most classic denim costumes, while the Vans is a representative checkerboard pattern in which the two sides cleverly combined with the introduction of jackets, trousers, skirts and backpacks and other clothing, accessories. Each piece of the joint is in denim with the original color-indigo, the inside is covered with a checkerboard pattern of blue and white, the cuffs or hems are delicately rolled up, the Vans checkerboard will be exposed. Even the joint shot of the look, the model is also on foot wearing Vans Slip-ON black and white checkerboard.

This joint series is filled with Wrangler rooted in the brand blood of the rich American native western style, dark blue denim with the actual and not grandiose cut work. The dress is paired with a flat rivet button and the Logo on the collar is displayed on both sides of the label. Trousers on the back pocket with gold thread embroidery “Wrangler” Logo, Pocket is sewn a piece of brown leather, printed a special checkerboard Wrangler Logo.

The Wrangler x Vans 2018 Joint series is currently available in Indonesia and is priced at 599900 ~ 1399900 IDR.