COMME des garçons CDG x Vans Vault 2018 co-branded shoes

Rei Pauline Brand COMME des Garçons and Vans origins can be traced back to six years ago, from 2012 to 2014 years of three years, it and Supreme, Vans three sides launched a number of double-popular joint shoes. This year COMME des Garçons’s spur line CDG, will be the first separate and Vans Vault high-end branch launched joint. Both sides chose OG Authentic LX high-end classic shoes, and on this basis.

This pair of co-branded shoe OG Authentic LX is made with black and white as the main color, and the details of the outsole, interior and laces are all covered in white. COMME des Garçons on the upper “painting” under the dense, countless “CDG” English icon. The “CDG” Logo on the toe is made from rubber to create a stereoscopic visual sensation, which is the first time Vans has used this technology for footwear.

As with other joint use of Vans Vault high-end shoes, the body is made of high-grade materials: The upper is made of coarse-ounce canvas, the neckline is also paired with white piping, each shoelace hole is made of silver metal, and the outsole is more wrapped, smooth and rounded.

COMME des garçons CDG x Vans Vault 2018 co-branded footwear will be available on October 27 and OG authentic LX is priced at 14000 JPY (not including tax).