Vans”Tiger Check” in 2018 new shoe

Earlier vans japan, with its traditional tiger embroidery totem, paired with the classic black-and-white checkerboard of the Vans brand, launched the new “tiger Check” series, but only available in Japan. recently, the series of two pairs of shoes to the wider market for vans enthusiasts to Sell.

In the new series “Tiger Check”, Vans Classics Classic line in the sk8-hi, slip-on a high low two pairs of shoes all debut, and a highly recognizable black and white color as the basis of the Background. Both pairs of shoes are embroidered with yellow tiger heads, while the Tiger’s eyes are covered with a “Vans” Japanese-style piece.

Tiger Head Embroidery “appears on the slip-on toe and is also combined with a black and white checkerboard, sewn in cloth marked form on both sides of the Sk8-hi. At the same time the checkerboard pattern is dotted in the middle of the slip-on and sk8-hi, the back of the big bottom of the Sk8-hi shoelace is also quite innovative printed with “VANS” brand KATAKANA.

Vans “Tiger Check” series has been sold in the United states, slip-on Price 82usd,sk8-hi reissue price of 99USD.