Hedley & Bennett x Vans”Made For The Makers”

Earlier this year vans created the “made for the makers” new series for craftsmen from all walks of life, sending a thoughtful greeting to surfboard makers, hairdressers, chefs and More.

Recently vans will be with the Los Angeles brand Hedley & Bennett launched Joint series, It is the apron-based tooling custom brand, tailored for the chef shirts, work clothes, socks, knife bags and other accessories, which is also “made for the makers” was used for the first time to Cooperate.

“Whatever your hustle is,this collection is a reminder that you have The tools(and gear)to go after it.——Ellen Bennett(Hedley & Bennett the person).

interestingly, this collaboration, Ryan Aquino aka led the design, he led the off the Wallside x Yojie “waffurusoru” Art Exhibition. The design is based on the Vans Sk8-hi reissue UC and slip-on UC Shoes.

Instead of using the black that was widely used in the made for the makers series, Hedley & Bennett chose to replace it with a dark blue 8-ounce canvas and suede material, still equipped with the exclusive Vansguard technology, which makes the shoe resistant to grease, dust, The function of external erosion such as liquids.

At the same time equipped with a strong grip of the external convex waffle outsole, and the big bottom as the rainbow-like bright eye color has become the two pairs of shoes the largest design highlights, two soles are blue and green and red yellow color, enough to give people visual surprise.

In order to maintain the overall footwear, the body of the shoe is also heavily used in deep blue, even the outsole is made of dark blue, only the upper details of the bright orange embellishment: slip-on UC elastic band, side cloth marked; Sk8-hi reissue UC Tongue label, first shoelace hole and two pairs of shoes heel mark are Hedley & Bennett brand Iconic orange Occupies.

Two pairs of shoes are equipped with removable ultracush comfortable insoles, and black orange Two color out of the mirror, insoles and after the addition of Vans logo, but also printed “hedley & Bennett” English. The “&” logo is also embroidered on the suede heel of the Shoe.

On top of that, Hedley & Bennett also rolled out its own grey workwear apron, with straps, pockets and other details using dark blue and black-and-white checkers.

Vans “Estate Blue” 2018 new series has landed Vans official website, slip-on Price 80usd,sk8-hi reissue price 90USD, apron Price 85USD.