Vans Vault Slip On Bricolage LX “Embroidered Checker” session 2019 series

“Bricolage” in English means “re-assemble the materials you already have.” after last year’s Vans Vault high end line was deconstructed by “Cut & Paste” to completely redo the classic Vans shoes, Vans Vault introduced the concept of “Bricolage”. Sk8-hi Bricolage LX and slip-on Bricolage LX — both of which were in the Cut & Paste lineup — were released this spring and have been praised since.

In contrast to the previous deconstruction series, Bricolage’s deconstruction is more low-key and concise: the circular “patch” is sewn with rugged zigzag stitching all over the shoe body, and the inside of the shoe body follows the design of inside out: elastic suture is exposed. In addition, the essential contour of the original shoe style is basically unchanged, so it will not affect the identification of the shoe style.

Launch several pairs to try after water, Vans Vault to continue for the may new series “Embroidered piece”, as the name suggests it will introduce the Vans classic checkerboard modified shoe body, Slip – On a checkerboard cover before and after, but look closely you will find that Vans Vault again use embroidery and rare checkerboard chenille material composition, and adorn Vans Logo. At present, it is known that there will be black and white, pure white two colors.