Pass~Port x Vans Sid Pro LTD joint collection

For skateboarding, community is everything. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you skateboard you can find their own community, their own “home”. One such presence is Australia’s Pass~Port, which has built a worldwide community of Australian skaters and creatives to support the development of local skateboarding and culture. So Pass~Port and Vans, two original skateboarding brands, will be joining forces for the second time this month.

The last cooperation between Pass~Port and Vans dates back to 2016. This time, we will cooperate with Pro Skate professional Skate styles. Not only will Sid Pro LTD be launched, which is extremely rare, but a Bomber Jacket will also be available.

The brick embossed pattern is ubiquitous, and Pass~Port took its inspiration from Fitzy Plaza, a well-known skateboarding location in Melbourne’s North Fitzroy Gardens. Pass~Port blends it all into the shoe style and the bomber jacket.

Sid Pro’s red brick and grassy green reprints — a ’90s favorite for sliders — were relaunched as a collaboration, previously seen only in Supreme collages. Brick lines line the sides of the shoe with suede. Pass~Port customizes the special “digger” tongue tag.

Though rare, Sid Pro is built for skateboarding, with extra tape on the front and back of the outsole, plus Vans black tech Duracap for added durability. Pass~Port also kindly used gold metal reinforcement on the top pair of shoelace holes. If you look closely, you will find the words “P&P” engraved on the top. Also made a special commemorative key chain with shoes attached for sale.

Pass to Port joint flight jacket use satin material and lightweight polymers in the filling, wall brick pattern through white car line and sewing skills, implementation, chest, collar and cuffs have both sides Logo design, drawing back the brick walls are mining pattern – a Pass to the Port is often visible in the brand, it is the result of a few decades ago skateboarding video.

Pass~Port x Vans Sid Pro LTD joint collection will be officially launched on April 20, limited to designated skate shops around the world, the exact price is unknown.