Vans Vault Originals Fall/Winter 2018 Series

Vans Vault’s high-end spur line continues to be highly productive, followingthe Army green and Red Fall Series, which continues this month to launch a massive range of footwear designed for the fall and winter season. As time goes on in the autumn and winter, Vans Vault Originals will release the help of OG Sk8-Mid LX and the high-help OG Mid Skool lx to provide the cold, and if you are in the southern hemisphere of summer, you can also choose the low-help OG Era LX on foot wearing.

As in the previous preview, the Vans Vault high-end feeder features a high-grade, cold-resistant suede material for every dual OG Era LX and og Mid Skool LX, while the OG Sk8-Mid LX is still on the side combination of the coarse-ounce canvas. Like all Vans Vault Originals series shoes, the shoe body is full of retro-inspired, with a more smooth, rounded edge on the top of the bag, and an iconic “ORIGINALS” on the Insole and heel label.

Mid Skool in Vans Many of the shoes are not common, it is based on the classic shoes Old Skool heightening upper high-style shoes, followed by a prominent and retro “Vans” Logo, more and more brands in recent years to find its charm, has become a lot of brands fall-winter joint priority choice. This Mid-Skool and the beginning of this year’s large number of Vans Era shoes, together with the “pitch” between the black and gray and bright eyes of the blue, powder two-color presentation.

Vans Era also features three pairs, featuring the OG ERA’s retro-style shoe model, which incorporates a leather heel on the Era prototype basis. A pair of brown with white ordinary big bottom, a pair of light blue before and after, the middle milky, another pair with purple-red as the main tune, in the tongue piping and heel dotted deep blue. The latter two pairs are all paired with brown rubber bottom-out mirror.

Each of the three sets of shoes is paired with two or more colors, and the OG Era LX is followed by a different color-matching suede. The brown style is a dark brown heel with a dark purple color and a white toe with a blue heel. In addition, the tongue piping of the three duo OG Era LX echoes the color of the heel, and the laces and lace eyelets are uniformly white.

The Vans Vault Originals Fall/Winter 2018 series has been landed in Vans Vault’s designated store, all priced at 12960 JPY (including tax).