Vans “Satin Brocade” fall 2018 Series

New York fashion name Opening ceremony in 2016, in the name of the Chinese Traditional cheongsam (Qipao), produced three pairs of silk as the main material, embroidery for the shoe-making process of joint shoes, and Xiangyun, dragon, flowers and so on Chinese traditional festive elements to use, causing great topic. Recently, the Vans Classics Classic Branch will also be “silk embroidery” as the theme, introducing a new collection of Chinese traditional features.

Vans Classics Classic Line This will be Slip-On, Old Skool and Sk8-Hi reissue three pairs of shoes model, respectively, in black, beige and festive bright red presented. The entire collection will be made with a rare satin texture that covers both sides of the Slip-On toe, heel and the other two pairs of shoes. Then, on the luxurious and delicate satin, a variety of colors of the lines embroidered in Chinese traditional culture symbolizes the rich and elegant peony, chrysanthemum and other patterns.

Old Skool and Sk8-Hi do not forget to add texture to the suede material, side Sidestripe is also true. To maintain the sense of the whole, the old skool and Slip-On the big bottom of the side and the body color, while the red Sk8-Hi with black soles, the other with a large difference in the yellow waffle large-bottomed mirror.

Vans “Festival Satin” fall 2018 series is now on sale, Slip-On price of 85 EUR,Old Skool sales price of the 89 EUR,Sk8-Hi price of the sales of 99 EUR.