VANS Style 36 2018 Asian Limited Color matching

As the predecessor of the classic shoe old skool, the style 36, which was born in 1977, was originally a smaller part of Vans’s many shoes. With the Korean popular combination BigBang Captain Luv G-dragon on the foot, more and more people began to appreciate this pair can represent Vans brand history, full of retro-style shoes of beauty, today’s style 36 has been frequently seen in the eyes of people.

Recently vans deliberately for the Asian enthusiasts to create a series of limited color style 36, on the basis of this shoe, vans a large range of re-carved a lot of previous color, and combined with the classic suede and canvas material, used in a variety of asymmetric design techniques expressed, a total of 6 new color matching.

5 pairs of shoes have maintained style 36 retro shoes, classic racing red and wine red with black respectively in which two pairs of shoes above: “Racing Red” appearance on both sides of the shoe canvas, high-identification of the black and white checkerboard pattern dotted in the inner side of the outsole; “Burgundy” The asymmetry appears on the inside of the left foot and on the outside of the right foot, echoing the black on the other side.

The blue-yellow “color match appeared in the 2013 og Style of the LX, and was once a member of the BigBang top foot. This re-engraved, vans Although the classic color contrast design, but also into the asymmetry, the left and right feet before and after the color and the opposite sides, and paired with the blue waterline.

Another pair of shoes and the early standard California co-branded shoes, it seems that the original Sk8-hi on the design of the transplant to style 36 shoe body. The front and back suede is in dark blue, with a white canvas on the sides and a very bright red leather accent, full of retro touches.

The last pair of style 36 from 2013 Vans Vault in the color of the locally sourced, and make changes: light blue, brown, purple and scarlet, red and orange two sets of colors are arranged in the left and right feet, exaggerated and special. And the old black and white checkerboard pattern is added to the back side of the big-bottom hemming.

Vans Style 36 2018 Asian Limited color will be available on September 22 in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, priced at NT $2380.