Vans for professional slider Ray Barbee to create 2018 signature colors


The legendary slide-hand Ray Barbee from California is the first black skater to stand out in a unique personal style in the 1988 classic skateboard film “Public Domain”. He joined the Vans professional skateboarding team in 1989, and today Ray Barbee not only loves skateboarding, but also an outstanding musician and photographer.

In tribute to Ray Barbee’s contribution to skateboarding over the years, this year vans joined hands to launch 2 new personal-signature color-matching shoes. In addition, the representative vans Old Skool and half cad, which has a skateboard DNA, were selected as the blueprint, and the two pairs of shoes were presented in crimson and green.

The Old Skool Pro and Half cab pro are all made of suede uppers, white dotted lines, laces, outsole trims and more, half Cab pro and side cloth marked are presented in white with blue lettering. Both pairs of shoes are printed with comic-style elephant motifs, which is a tribute to old friend Salman Agah.

As a professional skateboard shoes, two pairs of shoes are added to the Pro skate standard Ultracush HD cushioning insole, shoe head and Duracap wear-resistant rubber technology, fully protect the sliding hands and feet department. The Waffle outsole provides excellent grip, anti-slip performance and is dyed blue for the shoe.

Vans Professional Slippery Hand ray Barbee 2018 Signature Color matching is currently on sale, and the Old Skool Pro is priced 70usd,half Cab Pro at 75USD.