Vans launches new signature for Mary Rand Ferra Pro ski boots

In the twinkling of an eye for the season of skiing, Vans, the brand of extreme sports, has also begun its New Year of skiing: for its professional snowboard female Mary Rand has unveiled a brand-new signature shoe, which is known as “the world’s most customized ski boot for women”–Ferra Pro.

Mary Rand, the owner of the ski boots, joined the Vans ski team for a long time, and she came from the Yawgoo Valley in Rhode Island, where it could not even be called the peak, just a hill. But Mary Rand starts here and gets attention with excellent dashboard techniques. He eventually slid out of his hometown to a higher mountain and became a professional skier. She was awarded the award for the 2016 Transworld “Reader’s Choice” award.

The Vans is a Ferra Pro ski boot that blends with Mary Rand’s varied ski style, and the Black Ferra Pro is covered with Mary Rand’s favorite sunflower. The sunflower pattern is printed not only in black shoes, but also with the original orange-yellow color of the inner lining, the tongue is marked by the name Mary Rand and “bees flying around the sunflower” composition, followed by the same embroidery sunflower pattern on the ring, even the Sidestripe is also a yellowish appearance.

Vans Ferra Pro, a professional ski boot, condenses the ski boot technology that Vans has accumulated over the years. It features a custom interior V2 UltraCush that constantly adjusts and gives the wearer a comfortable foot feel. It has traditional laces but is also equipped with the Hybrid Boa latching system. The Heat Retention is also equipped with a 360° thermal technology to accommodate the cold season.

Vans launches new signature ski boot for Mary Rand Ferra Pro is currently on the Vans official website and at a designated store for 249.95 USD.