Vans Japan “Waffle Explorer” Fall/Winter 2018 Series

In 2016, Vans introduced the new shoe ultrarange, which has since been modified on the basis of the original shoes to meet the diverse needs of different wearer. Recently, the Vans Japan Spur line has brought the “Waffle Explorer” series with functional highlights to meet the cold winter that is coming.

Vans Japan Japanese spur line used to UltraRange Hi MTE as a blueprint, it on the basis of the UltraRange higher upper to become high-help, and many use to Mountain Edition Mountaineering series of technology to enhance the function. Vans also for it with a variety of different colors, in addition to dark blue, black, deep brown and other deep “season color” outside, there are light brown, brown even “out of tune” of the bright red participation therein.

Not only rich color, Vans Japan for each pair of shoes equipped with two pairs of shoelaces: a pair with the shoe itself is similar color, the other pair is a lot of gorgeous, can be in accordance with their preferences, the shoelace itself is also used with mountaineering shoes, the same circular weaving process to enhance durability. Sideways keep the Vans eye-catching side stripe Sidestripe, the tongue mark, cloth marked Vans Flying-V Logo.

The body is a mix of leather, suede and canvas materials, each eyelet is reinforced with brass, and the tongue and heel are fitted with a pull-ring that is easy to wear. The footwear retains the Ultrarange’s excellent composite outsole, which is made from the lightweight and comfortable UltraCush Lite midsole and the Mountain Edition Mountaineering series of functional external convex waffle.

Vans Japan “Waffle Explorer” Fall/Winter 2018 series is currently available in the Japanese market, Ultrarange Hi MTE price 10800 JPY (including tax).