Vans lampin “Checker Cord” series

BILLY’s, a keen monopoly of Japanese trendy shops, recently Vans the Lampin “Checker Cord” series. Lampin is a very retro shoe of Vans, popular in the 90 ‘s, in the past few years with the Vans Japan Japanese spur line to turn it out to get a lot of praise. This Vans the classic black and white chessboard into the Lampin to bring three pairs of new colors.

Lampin shoe type is very retro, shoe side did not join Vans deeply rooted sidestripe also or Flying-V Logo, on both sides only half arc sketch out an area. The Vans will be filled with a representative black and white chessboard in a semicircle on both sides of the shoe.

The Vans also recently very popular corduroy corduroy material together to add Lampin shoes, and in red, purple, black three colors presented. The three pairs of shoes are equipped with metal shoelace holes and lines that match the same color as the shoe body.

In addition to the use of the corduroy material, the heel restored the suede leather block of the retro design, three pairs of shoes are equipped with white shoelaces. The shoe body does not have a conspicuous Vans logo, only on the side of the white bottom of the black word cloth, the large bottom of the edge with white fill, and the details of the shoe body echoes.

Vans lampin “Checker Cord” series has been put on sale, three pairs of shoes are sold for the price of 10260 JPY (including tax).