SSZ x Vans “Here” 2018 Joint footwear

In June this year, Japan trend department store BEAMS brand SSZ completed the first collaboration with Vans-“2nd Time Slip-On Special.” SSZ full Name “Surf Skate Zine”, by the BEAMS of the purchase of hand plus Itochu, this SSZ and Vans again joint shoe “in” is by its personal knife design.

“from the Japanese characters written in Japan, that is,” inside, inner “meaning, the concept of the Vans Old Skool Classic shoe will be presented in the form of” internal and external inversion “. In fact, as early as 2015, Tadao was lucky to design this pair of shoes, until this year and autumn, the commercialization of the present in front of people.

White Old Skool shoes as the protagonist appearance, shoe body was inverted inside and outside, originally rare to see the milky white inside material was flipped to show, Sidestripe only to the car line sketch, not obvious. The shoe neckline designed by Kato three years ago is wrapped in white and is now changed to a more conspicuous black, while the soles are presented with a transparent crystal base. Shoe tongue contract The biggest bright spot, all Black out of the mirror, originally in the shoe tongue inside the size of the label is also flipped out.

SSZ x Vans “There” 2018 joint footwear will be put on sale on November 17, the specific price is not known, we will continue to maintain attention.