Vans “Fuzzy Leopard” Fall/Winter 2018 Series

This year, whether it is the Vans Classics Classic spur line, or Vans Vault high-end feeder, the series are all the same to leopard print, cow pattern and other patterns launched a number of “animal Department” single product. Now in the autumn and winter, vans again to restart the theme, creating a series of warm long plush shoes for the cold season.

Named after the “Fuzzy leopard/leopard print”, the entire collection highlights the main elements of the series: it incorporates plush materials and leopard print into the Vans Classic shoes to create 4 new pairs of shoes. Since this series is designed for girls, vans will be modelled on authentic Platform 2.0, slip-on Platform 2.0, the two double-height muffin shoes.

Of these, two pairs of authentic Platform 2.0 were made with a leopard pattern of black grain on the brown bottom and black pattern on the grey bottom, and the curly, long-pile material was used to make the upper with a more feminine black silk as a shoelace. Details such as cloth marked, insoles, linings and waterline are dotted with black accents, and laces are also changed to metal.

And two pairs of Slip-On Platform 2.0 is relatively “restrained” a lot, respectively, with black, pink suede cover the body, sexy and insolent brown leopard print “hidden” in the black section, while the pink lining is also filled with pink. The use of the plush material in the interior allows the wearer to take care of the aesthetic appearance and warmth and comfort even in the autumn and winter.

Vans “Fuzzy Leopard” Fall/Winter 2018 series will be released in October, the sale price is not known, we will continue to stay focused.