Madewell x Vans Old Skool co-branded shoes

American Casual clothing brand J.Crew has a high reputation, every year it will and Vans launched a series of joint shoes. This year, in addition to their own joint, as J.Crew Young vice-line of “virtue will Madewell” also to cooperate with vans, launched a pair of old skool joint shoes.

In the shoe design, because Madewell is the first time and vans cooperation, so can clearly see J.Crew minimalist style. On top of the Vans old Skool, the entire upper is selected in white and nude suede, and the Sidestripe silhouette is outlined in darker camel (camel) leather, and the outsole and laces are white. The logo of the joint party Madewell is printed only inside the tongue.

Madewell x Vans Old Skool co-branded shoes are now available on January 14 at the Madewell exclusive price of 65USD