The size? X Vans Era “Warped Check” co-branded shoes

Size? After rolling out a number of popular co-branded shoes, it has now teamed up with Vans, a california-based skateboarding specialist, to create a pair of Vans Era shoes that take inspiration from psychedelic culture and End. The co-branded “Warped Check Warped checkerboard “is very similar.

The size? A pair of Vans Era shoes from 1976 was selected as the representative of the first ten years of the brand to integrate the wonderful design of the decade. The entire shoe is made of canvas, with psychedelic and twisted checkerboard patterns all over the body.

Inspired by famous bands such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles and Stones, The shoes featured bold designs that varied from left to right. The left foot is based on pink, with a checkerboard pattern of pink and sky blue in the middle. Right foot front and back and insole are sky blue, the middle used the same design.

Both pairs of shoes feature a twisted black and white checkerboard pattern around the outsole, although the right foot, which is predominantly sky-blue, has a pink front skirt, while the left is sky-blue. So many colors meet in this pair of shoes, size? Still not satisfied, details such as the shoe body label, heel label and waffle outsole are highlighted with fluorescent color, bringing psychedelic play to the extreme.