Harry Potter x Vans co-branded series

Harry Potter Harry Potter is a British writer J.K.R owling rowling practically levitates off 1997 began publishing fantasy novel series, the series in a huge success in the world, becoming one of the best-selling novel “history”, Warner Brothers studios and headquarters in Los Angeles in the late 90 s won the film rights, to the Harry Potter novels fantastical imagination moved to the big screen.

After a series of preannouncements, Vans and Harry Potter have finally moved from behind the scenes to the stage, and the classic California skateboarding brand is teaming up with the warner bros. consumer products division to bring the wizarding world of the movies through Vans shoes, clothing and accessories in this kid-friendly summer.

As previously announced, the joint venture will be inspired by the four houses of hogwarts, the hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and will incorporate the impressive style, theme colors and badges of each house, with four pairs of gryffindor sk8-hi, slytherin Era, ravenclaw Authentic and hufflepuff slip-on shoes. Also have corresponding dress and fittings to bring together at the same time.

Vans unveiled its new technology, ComfyCush, with great publicity earlier this year, with a pair of Era ComfyCush shoes emblazoning in black and white — a design from the daily prophet, the largest and most authoritative harry potter newspaper, and the first choice for any wizard to get current information. There is also a pair of sk8-hi ComfyCush shoes with a lightning checkerboard.

The most popular wizard sport in the harry potter books — quidditch has been transformed into a Vans Old Skool with shiny snitch wings — and the main character, harry potter, is a seeker who “catches” the snitch.

Another item that almost everyone wants: Vans slip-on shoes printed all over the marauder map, which makes it easy to see the movements of everyone at hogwarts. Inspired by the green light from the release of the avada kedavra curse, one of the most vicious spells in the wizarding world, the pair designed a pair of green sk8-hi with cursive writing on the side and the villain “death eaters” logo on the shoe tongue.

“Deathly hallows”, as an important clue throughout the book and the key to defeating voldemort, is also traced in this co-branding, becoming a pair of mysterious Old Skool with purple in black, and a long-sleeved female T-shirt with the figure representing the deathly hallows on the chest.