NASA x Vans 2018 Joint Series

In April of this year several NASA and Vans’s joint series of spy photos, this wonderful super cross-border cooperation caused a stir, but then the joint “disappeared” in people’s view. Until recently, Vans enthusiasts expected, according to reliable news: NASA x Vans 2018 Joint series will be released on November 2.

It is reported that the two sides will be Rld Skool, Sk8-Hi MTE DX, Sk8-Hi MTE, Sk8-Hi ZIP and Slip-On 5 pairs of shoes as the basis for the design, and the classic white, Black, orange and star color respectively injected into several pairs of shoes.

In addition to adult footwear, the joint also creates several pairs of children’s shoes that echo the adult’s shoes. NASA x Vans also introduced backpacks and travel bags in the series, but it didn’t involve clothing. Each joint new product will be presented in detail with the Logo and icon that are closely related to NASA.