NASA x Vans 2018 Joint Series

This year coincides with the 60 anniversary of NASA’s official establishment, and recently the Vans Classics Classic Branch has decided to launch a variety of co-branded footwear combined with NASA’s symbolic elements through the theme “Space Yoyager”, an opportunity for NASA’s space exploration for the past more than 60 years Mission to make the highest tribute. We bring the entire NASA x Vans Joint series preview ahead of the official launch.

Vans before the birth of the 50 ‘s, in the history of the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union two rival each other, in order to show the most powerful space science and technology Leadership for all mankind, formally launched the “The Space Race” outer space exploration competition. The two superpowers fought for the supremacy of space by satellite, unmanned aerial vehicles and manned spacecraft.

In order to lead the country to catch up with the rapid development of space science and Technology, U.S. President Eisenhower ordered the creation of NASA’s NASA, in charge of space exploration and research, and quickly promoted space technology, eventually in the Mercury program, the “Gemini” program, The success of the Mars program and the Apollo manned mission to the moon, and NASA, which was formally operational in October 1958, has almost become synonymous with human exploration of the vast universe.

The “Space Voyager” is the theme of the two sides, which allows people to “realize” the curiosity and imagination of exploring the unknown space in a unique way. The most striking four pairs of adult shoes in the joint are made by Vans Sk8-Hi and Old Skool, and the footwear is designed to resemble an aviation suit, and the body is made of soft leather. The classic white cover is used in the side of the outsole, in addition to the traditional front skirt, followed by a series of rubber reinforcement such as the Mountain Edition Mountain climbing range, before and after the appearance of stripes.

Vans Sk8-Hi respectively in black and white two colors out of the mirror, two pairs of shoes with the heel of the black and white opposite the color printing “The Easle has LANDED” and “for The∃enefit of all” capital English. Sk8-Hi Upper Top Sponge is rough cut, directly exposed, side also has the same design.

The side leather Sidestripe the same color as the body, and the astronaut, NASA Logo, and the eagle, which landed the other planets, are stitched on the upper with different space-element embroidery badges. The tongue is applied to the Velcro design, and the orange Vans Logo is pasted. The heel is also provided with a black pull ring for easy wearing.

Vans Old Skool selected the classic white and bright-eyed orange as the main color of the body, the side Sidestripe only a simple outline of the car line. The white Old Skool is paired with the same color laces, the orange Tongue label, the red and black color printed on the side of the “John F. Kennedy Space Center” English, NASA Logo and its full name, the orange version is all replaced with black rendering.

Old Skool shoes also have a sponge-exposed neckline to keep the rough style. The heel is also pasted with a yellow border of the American flag, and is presented as a Velcro design, with a different cloth label attached to the shoe for replacement. In addition, the insole design is also very fastidious, in addition to the red Vans Logo, but also in black printed with space technology-related English and schematic.