Lockwood x Vans 2018 Joint Series

Lockwood, a Belgian roller-skating shop, recently launched a joint series with vans and was sold exclusively by Lockwood. This is not only the first cooperation between the two sides, but also vans for the first time and the Belgian brand, Lockwood selected vans Classic shoes authentic as well as the most suitable for skateboarding sk8-mid in the shoes as a blueprint.

Lockwood Sven Aerts recalled that: the Lockwood Avenue Elementary Elementary School in Los Angeles, California, was a famous skateboard site in the history of skateboarding, and this impressed him, so 1996, it was named after “Lockwood” Started the skateboard shop.

This joint is not only to the Lockwood Elementary School This skateboard site salute, but also for the kind of constantly looking for, never give up, dare to climb the wall, break the board spirit of the routine.

Not only that, Lockwood and vans European professional skateboarding team members even returned to the Lockwood campus. This time they took two pairs of joint shoes, to explore the source of all this: “Lockwood goes Lockwood.

Two pairs of co-branded shoes were designed by Ben Boliau, a graphic designer in Antwerp, Belgium, and the skydiver blue blue color of the body, and the silver sconce silvery accents of the details, originated in Los Angeles.Previously needed to climb to enter the Lockwood Elementary School iron Fence, now became the main design elements of two pairs of shoes, it not only cleverly formed the Vans Waffle outsole shape, but also draw a black shadow, making the pattern more stereoscopic, lifelike, the entire pattern filled with authentic Pro Body as well as sk8-mid Pro on both sides.

Sk8-mid Pro’s toe and heel are made of blue suede, with two heels embroidered with “LOCK” and “WOOD” in English, while the tongue is printed with a vans Logo on a white-bottom blue print. The authentic Pro has a Lockwood-lock logo on the tongue with grey embroidery.The shoe also includes the Pro Skate professional skateboard spur line standard Ultracush HD cushioning insole, and duracap wear-resistant rubber technology plus, better for the shoe to provide cushioning performance, protect the wearer’s feet.

Lockwood x Vans2018 co-branded series was released on September 8, authentic Pro is priced at 85EUR, and 685rmb,sk8-mid is priced at 90EUR, about 725RMB