Vans Versa 2018 New Skateboard Apparel Series

The birth of skateboarding, development and Vans brand history is closely related, Vans also has been the skateboard as the core, and vigorously support the development of skateboard movement. Not only has been for skateboarding enthusiasts to launch high-quality professional skateboard shoes, but also recently brought “Versa Skateboard Clothing Series” New works: Versa hooded Sweatshirt, Versa Hoodie DX hooded Sweatshirt and Versa QZP DX sweatshirt.

“Versa “is a series of professional sportswear Vans designed for skateboarding. Like the Versa DX sweatshirt of the early launch, Vans continues to inject the most functional Storm Cotton technology into 3 garments, with a strong material coating that effectively blocks moisture and increases the breathability of the garment. Compared with other sportswear, the Versa sweater combines wool with high-quality cotton yarn to improve wear resistance and prolong its life.

This Vans series brings a rich palette of solid colors, paired with pink, crimson, grey, blue, black and white on 3 different garments. At the same time, the clothing retains the VERSA signature design: For example, the patent-pending unique pocket design, the design of the pouch-mouth design allows it to meet the contemporary preferences, to be able to install electronic products at will. Versa QZP DX’s collar embroidered “World ‘ s#1” text as details.

Vans Versa 2018 Brand new skateboard Clothing series has been released on the Vans official website, Versa hooded Sweatshirt price of 99000 won, Versa Hoodie DX Hooded Sweatshirt price of 109000 won, Versa QZP DX sweatshirt Price 119000 won.