Vans “Satin Brocade” 2018 Autumn/Winter Series

Chinese wind elements have become a source of inspiration for many trendy brands in recent years, and Opening ceremony, a New York fashion name, has added Chinese wind elements to a number of series, including “Qi Pao”, “Good Luck” and “Satin floral”. I do not know whether it is inspired by this, after we have brought the notice, Vans Classics Classic Branch will also be officially launched in this autumn and winter this group of Chinese wind shoes, and the main material of the shoe “Satin Brocade” named.

This series of footwear name “Satin Brocade” from the footwear used in the main material: Satin Brocade, Brocade is China’s most famous traditional silk fabrics collectively, the surface is smooth and delicate, rich feel, colorful color. Because of its complex craftsmanship, in ancient China, brocade tended to manifest identity and status, which was usually used only by dignitaries and even the royal court. Vans this time to classic shoes Sk8-Hi reissue, Old Skool and Slip-On as the blueprint, the traditional and classic red, white, black three-color silk material covered in six pairs of shoes respectively.

The two pairs of Sk8-Hi reissue are presented in Black and red, respectively, with a black sidestripe and a large bottom wrap, while the black is sketched with the same color leather Sidestripe and paired with a golden big bottom wrapping edge. Before and after the Sk8-Hi with suede material and satin combination, side satin embroidery on the colorful color of the floral pattern.

Vans Old Skool shoes are only a pair of bare color, the shoe body side satin sewn on the Vans classic cortical side strips. There is no regular color embroidery in the silk to symbolize the rich and clean peony, chrysanthemum and other floral patterns, and with the surrounding stems, green leaves and so on.

The popular “One pedal” Slip-On puts on three colors of “new clothes”. Among them, the red and black Slip-On are paired with a black large bottom wrapping edge, while the other pair is all milky white. The finishing touch of floral embroidery is not only all over the shoe body, even the rolling edge is embellished with many.

Vans will also launch a black and white color jacket, a red hooded wardrobe and a gold and black backpack in the “Satin Brocade” series. Embroidery floral patterns and Vans logos are dotted with.

Vans “Satin Brocade” 2018 Autumn/Winter series has been on sale in various places, Slip-On selling price 1780 Twd,Sk8-Hi price 2580 twd,Old Skool Selling price 2380 TWD, clothing prices are not known, we will continue to maintain attention.