Vans Old skool “Removable Sidestripe” Autumn Winter Series

Previously, the Malaysian skateboard shop Showroom in a joint with Vans to replace the sidestripe design. This autumn and winter, a large wave of Vans Classics Classic extension of new products have appeared, of which Vans have shoes to this joint as a reference, launched a new “Removable Sidestripe” Autumn and winter series.

The founder Paul Van Doren in the Old Skool side of the sidestripe, the moment has become the most classic Vans shoes and the most recognizable logo, whether it is the classic white or color, Sidestripe always let people recognize the first eye Vans.

Two old skool used a black and white classic color, the body details are also kept intact, only on the side of the stripe Sidestripe made a “small” change. Vans to the Magic stickers made Sidestripe, and with the shoes to give two different color checker Sidestripe, one is the shoes with the powder white color, the other is a replaceable black and white color. Can rely on personal preferences, feel free to change every day, so that the classic shoes more interesting.

The Vans old skool “removable sidestripe” Autumn and winter Series is currently on sale at a price of 65USD.