Vans “Japan Fabrics” 2018 new look

At the beginning of the year, Vans made a series of new products using the exclusive fabrics of Japan’s local company Komatsu Seiren Co.,Ltd.. The theme of ” Japanese Materials” continues into autumn. This time ” Denning” and ” Camo” are injected into Vans classic shoes to launch a new autumn series.

Vans’ three classic shoes SK8 – Hi, Old Skyol and ERA are used as the foundation and the vamp is made of materials made by traditional Japanese technology, which is also the highlight of the theme series ” Japan Fabrics”.

The ” tannin” material and the ” camouflage” pattern are the main characters in this series. They are placed on both sides of the shoe body: the outer side is a dark camouflage pattern called ” trendy old color” and the inner side is filled with indigo blue high-grade tannin made in Japan. In addition, the upper details are decorated in black, and Old Skyol and SK8 – Hi are also paired with classic white leather Side Stripe.


Vans ” Japan Fabrics Collection” 2018 is now on sale Era price 7020 JPY,Old Skool price 8100 JPY,Sk8-Hi price 8640 JPY。