Vans “Gum Block” Norwegian blue color Authentic

This summer vans the most topic of their own design non-deconstruction series, The big change of the classic shoe model not only to repay the loyal vans enthusiasts also captured a large new fan of the Heart. But the scarcity of its offerings and the high prices of the two-class market seem to have deterred many of those who have been enamored with the deconstruction series, so vans selected several of the most popular “Gum Block” series in the classic spur LINE.

Now vans has brought a brand-new Color–norse Blue for this series of authentic Shoes. The color between the blue and blue is covered in the entire upper of the authentic, with this series of unique “deconstructed” outsole, very special. But this pair of authentic is also swapped for the matching position, the front of the brown raw rubber, and the white wrapped in the heel.

Vans “Gum Block” Norwegian blue color Authentic is currently on sale at 50USD.