Vans Bold Ni 2018 New series

In recent years, vans not only updated a variety of technologies to create a new style, but also in the continuous excavation of their own small crowd shoes innovation. Recently vans from their own “coffers” in a pair of very old shoes, this pair you can only from Sidestripe to find Vans Shadow of the Bold NI will return in this autumn Strong.

Most people are very unfamiliar with bold ni: it booming into in the 90 ‘s in the name of Style # 77, it has a similar look to style # 36, but it is different in many Details. Bold ni has a distinctive t-toe and is paired with a full suede shoe body. The side vans signature side stripe Sidestripe is amplified and even spread to the position of the shoelace eye and is integrated with it.

This bold ni will be the black, blue, red three common colors re-launched, the shoe has a retro bag edge, car line, laces, sidestripe, Interior and other details are in white with, and equipped with Ultracush Lite Ultra Light and comfortable insole.

Vans Bold Ni 2018 New series is coming on sale, the specific release date is unknown, the price is 65USD.