The North Face x Vans 2018 Joint Series

Outdoor function brand The North Face and Vans belong to the Weifu VF group, and thanks to this opportunity, both sides came together as early as 2015 and forged the first joint. The North Face recently unveiled a joint series with Vans this year, and it is interesting that the co-sponsored ski team, Blake Paul, is involved in the design, with only clothing and backpacks, and no shoes.

In the history of skiing, Jackson, the American Wyoming State, was born with a number of technically exceptional skiers, Blake Paul was from here. The Blake combines black and dark purple with a cold winter to create a jacket, sweatshirt, trousers and backpack.

Different from the past, this year the North Face X Vans will be the whole series of TNF function clothing as the keynote design, on behalf of both sides of the purple Black Logo is sewn under the jacket pocket and the front of the backpack, white The North Face Logo also printed in the clothing prominent position 。 The jackets and trousers are made of functional materials, and the sweatshirts is made of warm flannel.

The North Face x Vans 2018 co-branded series is currently on sale, jackets priced 27000 JPY (not including tax), trousers priced 18000 JPY (not including tax), sweatshirt price 12000 JPY (not including tax), backpack price 22000 JPY (not including tax).