Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault

Speaking of Taka Hayashi’s name, Many senior Vans enthusiasts will resonate, although in recent years he and Vans Vault joint cooperation is much less than before, but this still can not shake his “hard core” players in the heart of the Position. Even though this year is over half, Taka Hayashi’s loyal fans have finally come to his new Book.

The Taka Hayashi was modeled after the retro high-end shoe Slip-On and Chukka-LX, with two pairs of shoes with a army green and a dark brown outsole. Taka Hayashi Impressive point is that he is always able to Vans the classic shoes based on their own understanding of the substantial changes, so that the shoes show the personal characteristics of TH.

The changes to these two pairs of shoes have been extremely restrained: a brown stripe cloth was sewn in the center of the toe, followed by the same olive-green Leather. Taka Hayashi Personal Label The general pattern is presented on the back side of the outsole: this is a skull wearing a beret, he said in front of the “continuity board” written Vans words, below is “screen TH”.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault 2018 Fall co-branded Series is currently on sale, and the Slip-On lx price of $ usd,chukka is priced at USD.