Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Style 138 LX co-branded series

Taka Hayashi, who used to launch a joint series with Vans Vault every quarter, slowed the pace this year, and after releasing a series of fall-in-the-military styles, Taka Hayashi will re-force and launch two new joint designs based on style 138 LX vintage Shoes Name series.

Taka Hayashi was born in Japan and grew up in the United States, where he was influenced by the culture of Japanese natives, Ainu people and Indians, and used his identity as a high-end regional shoe designer for Vans Vault to incorporate the cultures of these indigenous peoples.

In the past, Taka Hayashi’s co-branded shoes are often modified in Vans classic shoes and have a distinctive personality. But in recent years Taka Hayashi also constantly compromised, this joint of a pair of Style 138 LX shoes from the classic high-profile Sk8-Hi, but in the toe has a retro-half-moon plastic head design.

Taka Hayashi This daring to try the leopard print and zebra print two animal pattern: leopard shoes of the outside with a black-brown pattern, the canvas inside and suede heel are covered in dark blue, and dotted with black details, zebra shoes with a brown and white pattern, the same brown continues to the inside of the body, the details are white. The iconic side stripe Sidestripe is also “inside and outside”: the outer black and white appearance of the interior, all used in leather material.

Taka Hayashi in the past as a personal symbol of the “cross Feather” has long disappeared, replaced by the black and white structure of the triangular pattern of the tongue, and the back side of the big bottom of the bag in addition to printed with a beret skull Taka Hayashi iconic pattern, such as “continuity board” like the Box also written Vans Logo and “Screen TH”.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Style 138 LX co-branded shoes are on sale and two pairs of shoes are sold in 109 GBP.