Proper x Vans Vault OG chukka Boot LX 2018 brand new series

Born from the 80 ‘s chukka Boot (aka style # 149), from the vans to the traditional double shoelace hole desert boots, its upper height between the high Sk8-hi and other low-help upper, can be combined with the slide hand to complete more moves and can bring more protection for the slippery hand. This pair of chukka boot will be low-key to undertake this year proper and Vans vault high-end branch of the entire Joint.

Proper shoes shop as early as more than 10 years ago with vans launched the two sides of the first cooperation, after all, both originated in california, and proper is California Long Beach city, The local street culture and shoe culture logo landscape. Last year, uh, co-operation not only selected Vans’s most popular classic shoes, but also used the World’s finest horween buffalo leather to build, compared to last year’s cooperation between the two sides really is not a little low-key.

The two sides not only choose the factory not many chukka boot as the base shoe, but only four kinds of classic pure color out of the mirror: red, milky, dark blue, and Green. Although this og chukka Boot lx seems very “low-key”, but it has a “armor” body–10 oz canvas, in fact, It restores the original material of its 80 ‘s birth, followed by high-grade suede filled.

In addition, four pairs of shoes, such as shoelaces, outsole, car line and lace eyelet and other details are used in white Embellishment. The inside of the shoe neckline and insole are intimate according to Vans Vault configuration, use to the leather block to enhance the foot feeling, insole Vans logo conveniently printed with joint party “Proper” in English.

Vans Vault OG chukka Boot LX 2018 brand new series will be on October 12 to visit the designated shops, the specific price is unknown, we will continue to stay focused.