Off-white x Converse 2.0 advance on foot

The new off-white x Converse Chuck 70s, which popped up last week, has become a hot spot for everyone, from the first exposure to the official sale, but only half a month, unlike previous routines.

In the off-white x Nike first season “the Ten” joint series, off-white x Converse although the last debut, but the popularity of high ranked in the top three more than Enough.

Since then the second pair of colors triggered a lot of speculation, there have been unofficial version appeared, the official finally confirmed that the suspense has been finally revealed.

Today, the small part of the sale again before the first to bring this pair of off-white x Converse Chuck 70s out of the box and on the foot display, want to buy read it again.

The off-white X Converse 2.0 has a noticeable change in appearance and the first generation, with the impressive translucent organdy upper and the Ice-blue crystal outsole all disappearing in the first Generation.

The upper is changed to Converse Classic Canvas material, and the midsole is joined by Off-white’s most iconic black and white zebra crossing, with a strong contrast between black and white to make it look even more prominent.

Although it looks like 1.0 and 2.0 are completely different, two pairs of shoes are the same in the detail DESIGN.

On the inside of the upper part of the slogan is preserved, black words in the white is exceptionally clear, with the most popular elements to tell their story.

Shoelaces on the “shoelaces” must not be less, fashionable and fun, and directly set off the slogan of the world of sneakers wind.

The most representative of the anti-counterfeiting design changed to eye-catching orange, the same slogan elements of the Integration.

The whole outsole is covered with orange color, and the security sign echoes each other, vaguely revealing the essence of the bright sao.

The inverted Samsung logo at the heel is the same as the first off-white x converse.

The converse on the insole is combined with the off-white logo, and each detail is highlighted as a joint Identity.

A deep red pattern is printed on the inside of the tongue only on the right foot, and the retro texture Emerges.

The fine and delicate workmanship of the whole pair of shoes makes the small series impressive, without a line, overflow glue problem, continues the fine tradition of converse.

As a super classic shoe, the Converse Chuck 70s itself has a strong and versatile property, which can be said to be one of the highest-profile shoes on the Street.

The classic styling will let people look more and more love, difficult to replace the wearing effect so that it has been popular in the shoe industry, become the road tide male tide women must be the necessary shoes.

This pair of off-white joint is on the basis of the hundred, add the rich fashion element with strong recognition Degree.

Although many people say that the 2.0 version of the Yan value than the first generation, but the small part of the foot after the feeling that the recognition of this pair of shoes to better.

Personal slogans on shoelaces and eye-catching orange-coloured labels.

The inner slogan of the body that gives the most love.

Overall, This pair of shoes should be regarded as a pair of small white shoes, white itself is very dazzling absorption, a little orange added to the effect of the finishing Touch.

Walking between the slogan elements looming, so people can’t help but curious to see.

In this show, the small part or the most classic black and white theme, the choice of white t-shirt, black coach jacket with very loose black nine-point pants, The overall bias to the simple Japanese style.

Put on small knitting favorite vertex stockings, 3M small fork pattern and off-white logo coincide.

The striking print motif behind the coach jacket and the shoe become the biggest highlight of the whole dress, one on the turn of the Intersection.

In the foot feel, converse shoes generally large, small series feel this pair of shoes, want to start a friend can refer to.