CLOT x Converse in 2018 new shoe

Crown texted with Converse’s joint also has been a popular shoe circle, in the last year to one star Shoes-type show Taiji Yin and yang theme, clot with Converse new joint also surfaced.

The clot x Converse selection of the most classic Chuck Taylor shoe type, but from the shoe body to the soles are full of details, unique feeling overflowing.

First of all, the upper adopts the white Brown three-color plush fabric, The midsole is wrapped with a jelly material, adding a lot of fashion temperament.

The soles of the forefoot are presented with a black bear paw pattern, combined with the plush material of the shoe body, you seem to have been able to think of the theme of this pair of shoes.

There is no information on its release yet, and we will continue to focus on it.