NASA x Vans 2018 Joint Series in 2018

Yesterday we had a preview of the four pairs of shoes in the NASA x Vans Joint Series, and the Complete veil of the “Space Voyager” joint series was finally lifted. The joint was both to celebrate the 60 anniversary of NASA’s official establishment, and to Vans the most sincere tribute to NASA for its more than 60-year commitment to space exploration.

For thousands of years, people have been exploring the breeding of their own land and the sky, after the “conquest” of the Earth’s land and oceans, people have extended their curiosity to a new place: space. Since its inception in October 1958, NASA has been working to explore space in its own hands, demonstrating the power of technology in many successful space programs, and now “NASA” has become synonymous with the quest for a vast universe.

NASA x Vans with “Space Yogager” as the theme, will Vans Classics Classic branch of the highest rate of the old skool and the mountain climbing series Sk8-Hi MTE the DX incarnation as people “explore the universe” of sturdy shoes, in black , White, and an orange-covered four pair of shoes that symbolize the spirit of discovery, the body is made from soft leather that resembles an aviation suit material.

Embroidered NASA Logo and astronaut’s badge are sewn in Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX one foot inside and outside, the other foot only in Sidestripe outline, the outside side is sewn on the round Velcro, Eagle and aviation-related badges can be replaced. At the same time the Sk8-hi tongue is also used to the Velcro design, the orange Tongue label is pasted here, the same design is also used in the Old Skool heel place.

Vans Old Skool and Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX all use the white outsole, the toe and heel are reinforced with rubber, and exposed in longitudinal stripes, such as the astronauts wearing boots like the river can be traveled. The shoe body also uses the rough cutting technique, the shoe neckline and the Sk8-Hi side sponge is directly cut off boldly exposes, is quite innovative.

This shoe detail is also full of sincerity: Vans printed a lot of text on the shoes, “the Easle has LANDED” and “for The∃enefit of all” not only become Sk8-Hi, MTE DX heel most prominent slogan, but also with white hidden in O LD Skool The inner side of the outsole. Old Skool the “John F. Kennedy Space Center” Alias, NASA and its full name on the outside of the shoe body.

As early as April this year, the joint spy photo exposure, we learned that the NASA x Vans “Space Voyager” joint series will bring children’s shoes and bags together. Four pairs of children’s shoes are made based on Slip-On, Sk8-Hi MTE and Sk8-Hi Zip.

More intense curiosity of the children of space has a more adult infinite reverie, Vans will be the vast starry sky “off” covered in the classic shoes slip-on above, even the black outsole covered with countless dazzling “stars.” The whole pair Slip-On with black as the main color, and the white NASA Logo is printed behind the following.

The white Sk8-Hi MTE and Sk8-Hi Zip are similar to adult footwear, although no special soft leather is used to make the body but the classic canvas yarn is no less, the upper NASA Logo Blue badge also shines. Both pairs of children’s shoes are paired with black toe and outsole, and the “Starry sky” on the tongue label is equally striking.

Two bags are presented in a backpack and a cylindrical bag, respectively. Backpack with black and white color-based, with red English embroidery and rope straps. In addition to hand-held, the cylindrical bag can also be side-backed, with a prominent orange-black finish, and a NASA Logo printed on the sides and straps.

In addition to the pre-exposure items in the trailer, NASA x Vans will surprise you with a range of joint costumes, including jackets, hooded sweaters, hooded sweatshirt, long-sleeved T-shirts and short-sleeved T-shirts, among others. The classic black, white color and conspicuous orange, blue become the main color of this costume, NASA Logo and space elements are also dotted in the clothing.

The NASA x Vans 2018 Joint series will be on sale on November 3 (according to time zone parts of the region November 2), Old Skool price 2780 twd,Sk-Hi MTE DX price 3980 TWD, jacket price 3980 TWD , long-sleeved T-shirt price TWD, hooded sweatshirt price 2180 TWD, hooded jumper price 2780 TWD, backpack price 2180 TWD, drum bag price 2980 TWD.