Japanese high-end branch Converse Addict launched rare shoe type, which will be on sale tomorrow!

This year, with the strong rise of Converse and numerous co-productions, and its high-end Japanese branch, Converse Addict, are more and more boutique. At present, this pair of extremely rare One Star Loafer will be officially released in Japan!

The One Star Loafer shoe was first born in 1990, and is One of the rarer shoes of Converse!

The shoe body is made of superior quality suede. The inner lining is injected into the patented fiber of OUTLUST of the United States to improve the air permeability and thermal insulation performance.Sole use outdoor brand often appear VIBRAM ® bottoms formula, enhance wear-resisting degree at the same time, even under the wet pavement, superior traction and still.

It will go on sale on nov 10, priced at 22,000 yen