Isetan monopoly: Vans Japan “Embroidery Pack” 2018 new series

Japan’s annual hip Hop Festival Soul Camp is coming, Japan’s Isetan department store Isetan Special vans Japan Japanese spur line brought a set of “embroidery Pack” as the theme of clothing, shoes, from Yokosuka jacket (English: Souvenir Jacket, Japanese: Sukajan) to draw inspiration and apply it in this series.

The Vans Japan selection is the classic Sk8-hi, slip-on shoes as a blueprint, the biggest highlight is the shoes into the Yokosuka jacket commonly used in the embroidery pattern. The Sk8-hi and slip-on toe are based on an irregular striped black-and-white checkerboard, embroidered with delicate tigers, snakes, skull skulls, stars and stripes, and vans logos.

Two pairs of shoes are classic black and white color out of the mirror, with the same color packet edge watermark. Thanks to the intricate design of the cross-sk8-hi embroidery pattern, the sidestripe on the side of the shoe is outlined in a simple white car line, and the white laces are dotted with a black vans Logo, which does not miss any small details.

With two pairs of shoes, there is also a black and white two pieces of short-sleeved T-shirt and a small black satchel. The T-shirt and satchel face are both left and right through a striped black-and-white checkerboard pattern, and the Vans logo and the pattern on the shoe are embroidered on top of it, while the T-shirt neckline and cuffs are also designed with a contrasting color of the two-car stitch edges.

Isetan monopoly: Vans Japan “Embroidery Pack” 2018 new series will be released on September 12, the specific price is unknown.