Funko x Vans to out of the joint doll

“November 1, 2018 Report” Yesterday Funko x Vans Joint Doll spy exposure, we bring again exclusive news follow up: This doll will be Funko pop! Based on the series, it was launched as a prototype by Steve Van Doren, the founder of Vans .

The Funko x Vans Joint doll series will include two of the latest NASA x Vans Joint series, with Steve Van Doren wearing a spacesuit, an astronaut helmet, and a signature “6” gesture on his hand. A prototype of astronauts, Steve put on a full set of spacesuits, feet on a pair of classic black and white chessboard slip-on, helmets also embellished with ribbon chessboard patterns. One, as shown in yesterday’s espionage photo, Steve put on his favorite Hawaiian shirt.

At present, there is no information on the sale of this Funko x Vans “Steve Van Doren” Joint doll, according to reliable news should be PacSun exclusive, during the Complexcon trend show as a limited gift for the purchase of NASA’s joint series of giveaways.

“October 31, 2018 report” Pop culture has permeated every aspect of our lives, and the traditional toy industry is no exception, Funko is a toy brand headquartered in Washington State Everett, founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, which manufactures annual manufacturing, including hand-held, A variety of products, including dolls, plush toys and even clothing.

Funko many mature products, the most well-known when several blocks of large head Funko pop! Hand-run series. Recently, American store PacSun on social media: Funko will work with Vans to launch a joint doll, and this year’s Complexcon exclusive sale.

Judging from PacSun’s espionage, this Funko pop! Wearing a pair of Vans slip-on shoes, the shoe body is mainly blue color, clothes and shoes are embellished with tropical style plant patterns. Through the desktop reflection, the faint doll seems to wear a spacesuit helmet, I do not know if it will be linked with the recent hot NASA x Vans Joint series. Let’s wait and see.