Disney x Vans Mickey’s 90 Anniversary Joint series

November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse by the Disney company created the world Walt Dini creation, then “mickey mouse” through the television screen become a household name, but also that generation of childhood most impressive cartoon image. This year, Mickey Mouse is about to usher in his 90 birthday, closely related to Vans’s Vans Vault high-end branch also last month invited four local California artists to Celebrate. Not only that, but also recently the two sides again joint and bring a series of clothing, shoes and Accessories.

This time, the Disney x Vans Vault will be available at the World’s most popular counters for more enthusiasts who love Vans and Mickey mouse, compared to the previous Disney X Vans Vault Limited Offer. The use of sk8-hi, authentic, old skool, slip-on and other kinds of shoes, a total of the adult shoes, including children’s shoes, such as more than 10 pairs of new Shoes.

This is the first Mickey Mouse series film, originally black and white silent scene animation was injected into the Vans Sk8-hi zip shoes, it in the original classic High-profile heel add zipper, easy to wear. Mickey Mouse put on its most classic red shorts, sitting on the branches, presented in the side of the Vans classic black and white Checkerboard.

Mickey Mouse’s image almost supports the entire vans early works series, in this film, it as “the sorcerers apprentice” status, and the Magician’s hat into the night sky like the dark blue Sk8-hi presented in the Joint. The shoes are full of suede and supple velvet, the upper and the outsole are dotted with gold Star Moon pattern, the other laces also like the stars twinkling countless stars.

The Film’s two pairs of old skool shoes are paired with black and white, black with red sidestripe, followed by “Mickey” on Embroidery. The white one is pure, with a white glove on the back and a Mickey hand for Decoration.

The classic black-and-white checkerboard is paired with a black Leather-clad punk wind Mickey and Minnie are now on the left and right feet of the slip-on shoe, and vans also come with a very popular yellow-red gradient flame pattern used in the middle of the shoe body.

Mickey and Minnie Two-screen couples also appear on the authentic and authentic gore Shoes. In fact, we already have a notice of the information in this February.

One of the “Mickey” shoes for Mickey Mouse high-identification black, red, yellow three-color collocation, The inside of the “mickey mouse” animation of the original picture Pattern.

This design is also used on old Skool v, for older children, children introduced two pairs of children’s shoes, the upper of the Velcro is very interesting to Mickey Palm Instead.

The Minnie Shoe is presented in a large red polka dot on the shoe body, with a unique white wave leather attached to the upper and outsole, and sewn into a large, girly-like bow at authentic Gore’s tongue without lacing-the design comes from the decoration on Minnie’s head. This shoe also has the size of children’s shoes launched.

In the past, there were only a couple of designer shoes from both sides, but in this Disney partnership, vans encouraged enthusiasts to make the most of their imaginations and customize their unique and distinctive footwear.

Vans Customs free custom platform will launch a variety of Disney co-branded series of printing, including this joint protagonist Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. You can inject your favorite patterns into Vans classic shoes to create your own Disney x vans.

Like the previous joint, the Disney x Vans co-operation also brings together garments and accessories including long, short-sleeved t-shirts, hooded sweatshirt, coats, hats, backpacks and socks, all kinds of colorful Mickey and Minnie cartoon images, A unique “mickey mouse” style can be paired with a pair of bright-eyed co-branded Shoes.

Disney x Vans Mickey’s 90 Anniversary Joint series will be on October 5 Vans official website and Counter.