Disney x Vans Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary special series

Disney Disney’s classic cartoon character Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse will celebrate his 90 birthday this year as an opportunity for Disney to work with a wide range of brands, including Vans, who has been close to each other. The whole cooperation project has been launched since this summer, first of all, Vans Vault high-end feeder invited to 4 well-known artists carefully designed a unique group of four groups, and then with Vans Classics Classic branch of the joint is brought a large number of joint footwear and clothing. However, this grand celebration did not end, November 18 Mickey mouse birthday near, the two sides to create a special 90 anniversary series on the official birthday quietly online.

This special joint series will be sold in a limited style, limited quantity and limited shop. Compared with the previous large list of products, there is only a pair of Vans Authentic classic shoes, shoe body in milky white in the main tone of the presentation. The joint protagonist “Mickey Mouse” as a bright spot full of shoe body, it appears in different periods, not the same appearance of the form, including Mickey Mouse hand birthday cake Special deduction, very commemorative significance.

This special pair of Authentic shoes also covers countless Mickey mouse patterns, and with the birth of the black and white classic color out of the mirror. The Black Vans Logo at the heel of the insoles is above the same color of the Disney Logo, the classic red heel mark and the white large bottom wrapping edge to make the shoe complete.

The shoe was also launched with a long-sleeved T-shirt, baseball cap, backpack and socks. Clothing and accessories are white as the basic color matching, colorful Mickey Mouse cartoon image embellishment among them, while the T-shirt chest at the Vans Logo is also presented in cartoon style.

The Disney x Vans Mickey Mouse 90 Anniversary special series has been put on sale on the Vans website and at the shop, Authen.