Vans Japan “Japan Fabrics” spring 2019 collection

With the theme of “Japan Fabrics/Japanese Fabrics “, the Vans Japan line has been running since last year, with a view to exploring the local culture of Japan and integrating local Fabrics with Vans classic shoes, thereby introducing them to the world.

Vans Japan has made “Indigo” series, Komastsu Seiren company “Monalisa” patent fabrics series, the series of camouflage in the fall of tannins and use Indigo tannins combined with traditional Japanese techniques “thorn し son” winter series. Without exception, they are full of Japanese folk characteristics.

Coming spring 2019, Vans Japan will continue to design and promote “Japan Fabrics” series, this time with three pairs of classic shoes including Era, slipon-on and Old Skool, with traditional Japanese Kyoto pattern as the main element of the shoe body, and “planning” On canvas shoes with advanced digital jet painting technology. Slip-On is mainly in black, presenting a beautiful floral pattern. Era is based on blue fabric with elegant chrysanthemums printed on it; Old Skool is composed of different patterns of plaid pattern to form the shoe body.