Vans Classics “Olde English” 2019 summer collection

The Vans Era has become an increasingly popular shoe staple this year, with a sneak preview of a new line of shoes from Vans Classics: Olde English, which includes two Era and two slip-ons, with four new pairs coming out this summer.

The collection will be in black and red, with the Vans Era shoes covered in plush velvet, with black accents on the LACES, insides and soles, and the most eye-catching metal accessories with vintage “Vans” lettering.

At Vans slipon-on, high-end suede is used to build the shoe body, extending from the slipon-on’s simple toe with a pair of gripper rings and a gold metal fitting, which reads “1966”, the brand’s founding year, and the remaining details are black.

At present, Vans Classics “Olde English” 2019 summer collection has been sold in various stores, with a price of about 90 USD and 120 USD respectively.