The curators themselves announced the upcoming Rhude x Vans co-branded collection

For a brand, “co-branded” not only represents the “exchange” of resources between the two brands, but also indicates the mutual recognition and appreciation of the brand to a certain extent. Rhuigi Villasenor, the head of Rhude, revealed a joint venture with Vans late last year and recently revealed two more pairs via Instagram.

This time, Rhude’s joint vision is “a new path”, which does not use the “classic shoes” that have accumulated a lot of popularity, and then chooses Bold Ni and Diamo Ni, two pairs of “new shoes” that few people know.

Vans relaunched the Bold Ni, a ’90s model, last fall with a Bold big Sidestripe logo and a comfortable UltraCush insole.

Following the Bold Ni Diamo, it’s also a mid-90s shoe with a huge toe cap, tongue and body, and a heel that’s easy to step on. The shoe body is covered in the same paisley pattern, but the colors are bright, with red, yellow, green and black colors. The LACES have RHUDE text on them and special yellow drawer shoe boxes made.The Rhude x Vans co-branded collection has yet to be released with exact release dates and pricing, but if you’re interested, follow up.