The Converse Mountain Club series is a must for your fall and winter

The canvas shoe of Converse is the alternative that many fashionable person daily must take, but arrived autumn winter season, weather turns cool still have climate change, traditional shoe model cannot satisfy functional demand.Converse has created a Mountain Club collection specifically for fall and winter, bringing performance upgrades to three classic shoe models.

Inspired by the extreme cold military boots of the 1950s, Chuck Taylor, One Star and Fastbreak are reshaped from the perspective of functionality.

Chuck Taylor and Fastbreak are in the shape of high-top military boots. Fastbreak also has a unique detachable drawstring design. One Star, though still a low-slung silhouette, takes on an unprecedented wild look.

In terms of functionality, all three types of shoes use gore-tex waterproof technology to create lining and upper, which can cope with rain and snow and keep feet dry. Ortholite insole matches rough rubber outsole, gives consideration to soft foot feeling and strong grip, and deals with various topography.

Combine street aesthetics with functional style, and whether you’re a hipster who likes Converse or an outdoorsy gamer who needs a powerful function, the Converse Mountain Club series is a must-have for fall and winter.