Pilgrim Surf + Supply x Vans Vault 2019 joint series

Pilgrim Surf + Supply, the familiar Surf store brand, recently previewed a brand new joint for spring/summer 2019. As always, it will launch a branch with Vans Vault, offering a pair of Pilgrim’s favorite Pilgrim classic high-end shoes.

The entire shoe is covered in a thick ounce of canvas, inspired by nature in the southwestern United States. Meanwhile, as a pair of OG Authentic LX, the heel has a retro detail of four-track seams sewn into suede blocks, with darker orange accents as well as piping and shoelace holes.

Like Pilgrim Surf + Supply in the past, the Authentic features a simple look but more detail: a checkerboard version of the Pilgrim flag on the insole, and a leather heel that’s more comfortable and features both logos. The waffle outsole is also embellished with an asymmetrical design of orange left foot and white right foot. Pilgrim says it’s also rolling out shorts, hiking pants and other items.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply x Vans Vault 2019 Pilgrim Surf + Supply x Vans Vault 2019 is officially on sale Saturday, July 20, for approximately 10,000 yen