Pass~Port x Vans Sid Pro LTD joint collection

Pass~Port, an Australian skateboarding brand, last launched with Vans in the summer of 2016. Recently, a distributor of Vans’ skate channel inadvertently revealed that Pass~Port x Vans was coming out with a new collaboration, complete with an accompanying photo, that will be available on Saturday, April 20.

Pass~Port has worked in the Australian skateboarding industry for several years and has sponsored many riders, many of whom are fellow sponsors of Vans Australia. This time Pass~Port will select a pair of niche shoes called Sid Pro LTD.

The shoes, which have only previously appeared in Supreme’s fall/winter 2018 collection, have a low-top body that bears a slight resemblance to Old Skool, but the sides are embroidered with a retro “V loop” Logo and are separated by white stitching. Pass~Port creates two pairs of different colors of red and green. The chamois suede on the side of the shoes is printed with dark lines like wall tiles. At present, I do not know whether there are other shoes available for sale together.