Here comes Tom and jerry! Brand new Converse real object is first exposed

Following last year’s Converse and Hello Kitty joint shoe, Converse has achieved good market response and will soon release the classic animation “cat and mouse” theme color matching.

Mention “cat and mouse”, most friends will certainly not strange, this classic animation in many people’s childhood memories indelible. Recently, Converse is about to bring this childhood memory to us.

Integral vamp is given priority to with white, adorn gules with green wave dot, add a cent more lively sense.

The biggest bright spot is the cartoon image of Tom and jerry standing out on the side of the shoe. The familiar mischievous expressions make people feel like going back to childhood and watching the cat that can never catch the mouse.

The inside of the shoe is also carefully designed, with large areas of graffiti bearing the names of the two animated characters, “Tom” and “Jerry”.

The shoe tongue respect is same detail is full of, draw the outline of classic animation figure with gules line, the good intention that must sigh stylist.

Inside, the classic Converse circular Logo is designed with transparent material, which not only avoids covering the vamp pattern, but also improves the appearance level.