Converse joint on how much fried in 2018

Converse in recent years strong force, a number of joint projects applauded and hit! Classic hundred-Match shoe-type injection of their own units of the original idea of the brain hole open, so that the deep-rooted sneakers old gun once again rejuvenated youth!

The Brain Dead x Converse co-branded series, which is on sale today, can be said to be the most brilliant one this week! The Zebra stripes, polka dots, camouflage, stars and stripes, leopard print and many other elements, through the asymmetric splicing of the first set on a pair of Chuck70s, and in the upper dotted Brain Dead iconic avatar Logo.

It’s not over, the white midsole uses a design style similar to a series of labels, printed in three paragraphs of English, “To see and being seen as far as the eye can see”, “Who controls the control men” and “The same elsewhere “, the brand culture to show the most vividly.

So rich in detail, nature is favored by sneakers players.

Finally bring Hypebeast fresh out of the real picture, see this unrestrained personality new on the feet on the How much fried!

In addition, this time Brain Dead x Converse Joint series also brought a wealth of apparel accessories, interested in small partners may wish to pay attention!